Master The Turntables

Learn how to mix beats from a professional with our interactive classes.

Learning the Basic of DJ for Music Lovers

DJ for the Day Workshop was created to give students a beginning experience and knowledge of being a Disc Jockey. Students learn the basics of beat matching, blending music, and beat counting.

Participants get hands on practice with professional DJ equipment using Disc Jockey controllers. The workshop aims to inspire people of all ages for careers or hobbies in the DJ business, while getting their first hands-on experience on professional DJ equipment.

Classes by Age

  • Grade 4-5 (Limited Availability)
  • Grade 6-8
  • Grade 9-12
  • College classes (Limited Availability)
  • Adult classes (Limited Availability)

For info and registration about classes, pleasecontact us

About Our DJ

Erich Melique Thomas, aka, DJYK, kicked off his music journey when he was just 13. His first set of professional turntables, gifted to him, became the starting point of a passion that would define his path. After graduating from the North Carolina School of Broadcasting, DJYK honed his music-producing, beat-making, and disc jockey skills not only in school but also beyond.

Since then, DJYK has been making waves, and lighting up clubs, colleges, and events along the East Coast. From a teenage gift to a thriving career, his story is a testament to passion and dedication in the world of music.

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